CESI Ceramica

Special Trims - I Colori

I COLORI range is coordinated to a wide special trims range, all perfectly modular, available in 40 matt colours, with the same technical and aesthetic features as their matching tiles.
Special trims give an added value to the standard production items, not neglecting that the use of them is often requires by the safety and Hygiene regulations.

Special Trims

Available in 40 colours matt 

* Available in 6 colours antislip

1conchiglia internaConchiglia internacm 2,5x2,5
2conchiglia esternaConchiglia esternacm 2,5x2,5
3piedoca internaPiedoca internacm 2,5x2,5
4piedoca esternaPiedoca esternacm 2,5x2,5
5canaletta internaCanaletta internacm 2,5x20
6nnnCanaletta esternacm 2,5x20
40 colori matt
7angolo internoAngolo internocm 2,5x10
8angolo esternoAngolo esternocm 2,5x10
9cove baseCove basecm 10x20
pezzi speciali colori 1

Special Trims on demand

Minimum quantity required: 500 pcs/colours

Available in 40 colours matt

canaletta internaCanaletta internacm 2,5x15
canaletta esternaCanaletta esternacm 2,5x15
canaletta internaCanaletta internacm 2,5x10
canaletta esternaCanaletta esternacm 2,5x10
cove baseCove basecm 10x15
cove baseCove basecm 10x10
bullnoseBullnose lato lungo/cortocm 10x20
cm 10x30
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