The perfect modularity of sizes and special trims allows an endless variety of laying solutions.
The constant caliber, the absolute flatness and orthogonality of the surfaces allows many modular cmopositions of the different formats, colours and finishes available in our range and offers the designer original solutions for residential and public project.
Porcelain stoneware belonging to B1b group - water absorption between 0,5 and 3% - suitable for in - and outdoor.
Available in sizes: 5x5 / 7,5x7,5 / 7,5x15 / 10x10 / 15x15 / 5x20 / 6x25/ 10x20 / 20x20 / 10x60 / 20x60 / 10x30 / 30x30 and mesh mounted 3x10 / 5x5 / 2,5x2,5.

modularità 1

modularità 2
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